Object Stores

OrionVM Platform supports the creation of S3-Compatible Object Stores.

Viewing Object Stores

Object Stores can be administered from the Panel sidebar under Storage. The columns in this screen are detailed below:

Column Description
Name friendly identifier that can be changed at any time
Region data centre where the Object Store resides (such as Sydney (SY3))
Approximate Size Approximate current storage usage
State State of the Object storage (Provisioning, Ready, Deleting, etc.)
Actions Menu actions that can be performed on the Object Store

Creating Object Stores

To create an Object Store:

  1. Go to the Object Stores screen under Storage in the sidebar
  2. Click New Object Store from the bottom
  3. Choose a Name for the Object Store and the Region
  4. Click Create

The Object Store will be provisioned within seconds.

Viewing Object Store Credentials

To view Object Store credentials:

  1. Go to the Object Stores screen under Storage in the sidebar
  2. Click the ⚙ Actions menu icon next to the Object Store to view, and choose Configure

The details shown on the Credentials window are as follows:

Column Description
Url endpoint URL for the Object Store
Access Key Access Key for the Object Store
Secret Key Secret Key for the Object Store associated with the above Access Key

Download as s3cmd config is a link to download a config file to be used with s3cmd. For Linux, this is to placed in your Home directory (e.g. /home/[USERNAME]) and renamed to .s3cmd.

Object Storage Tools

To view the contents of your Object Store in a pseudo-file heirarchy we recommend the following tools: