User Panel

The User Panel is the primary interface for users to create, modify and destroy cloud resources on the OrionVM. It is accessed through

The panel is split into three sections; a persistent login bar, a sidebar, and a detail view for provisioning and maintaining cloud resources. The login bar includes menus for:

  • Your current organisation, including links to change your settings
  • Your current log in, with options to change your profile and log out

The sidebar includes the following sections:

Section Screens
General Includes the Dashboard that provides a summary of allocated resources, and a handy shortcut for provisioning new instances
Compute Includes the Instance screen for CRUD of instances
Storage Includes the Disks and Templates screen for CRUD of disks and templates
Networking Includes Internal and External networking screens

With the exception of General, each section refers to a resource that can be provisioned on the platform. These include Instances, Disks, Internal Networks, Internal IP Addresses and External IP Addresses. Clicking into each of these screens returns a list of these resources.

At any time, you can log out from the top navigation bar by clicking your avatar and choosing Log Out.