Performance Tiers

Unlike most cloud providers, OrionVM does not use pre-defined VM types. Instead, partners can provision the vCPU cores, memory, and storage in the ratios required. This simplifies deployment, and allows for resources to be scaled more easily.

CPUs and Memory

Virtual CPU cores (vCPUs) and memory are allocated based on ratios. The number of cores per unit of allocated memory is determined based on the performance tier.

Tier Ratio of memory to vCPU cores
High CPU 2:1
Standard 4:1
High Memory 8:1

So for example, assuming a 32 GiB VM:

16 GiB memory vCPU cores
High CPU 16
Standard 8
High Memory 4

Which tier is appropriate for a virtual server depends on its intended use. For example, a database server can save on commercial licences by allocating more memory with fewer cores, but a build server would benefit from more cores.


Virtual storage is allocated from one of three default classes:

  • SSD, utilising enterprise-grade solid state drives with a minimum 30,000 IOPS. Useful for demanding and high-performance workloads.

  • Standard, utilising standard SSDs. Useful for most workloads.

  • Archival, utilising enterprise SAS spinning drives with capped IOPS. Useful for backups or lightly-accessed resources.