Cross Connects

The OrionVM platform allows partners to import their own cross connects from within the same data centre, or a disparate location. These allow for flexible hybrid cloud deployments, and to import your own network connectivity.

Cross connects are presented as an Internal Network in the portal, to which IP addresses can be allocated and live-attached to instances.

Assigning Cross Connects

When requesting a cross connect into the OrionVM platform, the following details are required on a Letter of Authorisation (LOA):

  • Your business letterhead, including an address and contact details.
  • Demarkation details, including the data centre, cage, rack, patch panel, and connector type.
  • A sentence granting permission for OrionVM to terminate a cross connect into that cage.

This LOA should be forwarded to your nominated account manager or the OrionVM support email address. Turnaround is quoted for one week, but this can be reduced to two business days for an additional fee from the data centre provider.